New Home Building With a Trusted Contractor

As we build homes, Flegel’s Construction Company also builds relationships.

We’re a Bay Area contractor who aims to establish close connections with our clients and their architects. Understanding what you want, and need, in a home enables us to construct functional, attractive homes that serve as the center of your family’s life.

Flegel’s believes that the best way to put clients who know little about building a new home at ease is through a trusting, collaborative relationship. Open, honest communication with our professionals makes you more comfortable with the construction process.

Our goal is to become your contractor for life.

Choosing Between Building New and Renovating

Many of our clients face a tough question: Should we build a new home or renovate our old place? Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when weighing which option is preferable for you and your family:

    • Cost. New construction can be a less expensive choice if you are contemplating a substantial renovation. Replacing plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling systems in older homes can be more complicated and expensive than installing comparable systems in a new home. Multiple tradespeople can more easily work simultaneously when building a home from scratch.
    • Fewer choices. The structure of older homes can limit the creativity of architects. Opening a floor plan or installing floor-to-ceiling windows may pose problems. Homeowners may also be challenged to match materials such as woodwork in homes that are several decades old.
    • Living in a construction zone. During a renovation, homeowners should be prepared for some inconveniences. A major remodeling project requires dusty demolition. Even with a contractor who tries to accommodate you and your family, you may go without a proper kitchen or losing access to parts of your house for long periods.
    • Your attachment to the house and neighborhood. Moving to a new home means finding new schools, stores, professional services such as doctors, and more. For many homeowners, the desire to keep friendly neighbors or stay close to their jobs make it worth paying more to renovate than build new.

Circumstances facing each homeowner can very greatly. It’s a good idea to include a contractor such as Flegel’s Construction Company in the discussion. We are experienced in both renovating and new home building.

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