Eichler Home Remodeling

We Update Eichler Homes For Today’s Lifestyles

Owners of Eichler houses in the Bay Area love their homes and many recognize the need and desire to update theirs with modern amenities and styles.

The pros at Flegel’s Construction Company understand why these homeowners are so discerning. As a link to another era, Eichler home remodeling must be performed with care. Owners of these special homes wish to preserve desirable mid-century modern concepts such as the simple lines of an A-frame and extensive use of large windows and glass walls.

But they also want their Eichler to include 21st century features such as:

  • Energy-efficient cooling and heating systems
  • Luxurious in-suite bathrooms
  • Gourmet kitchens
  • Updated living areas

With 30 years of construction industry experience, Flegel’s Construction Company is a popular choice to renovate Bay Area Eichler homes because we are able to seamlessly match the past with the present.

Eichler Home Remodeling that Retains the Original Vision

In building his homes in the ’50s and ’60s, Joseph Eichler sought to bring homeowners closer to nature. He believed in showcasing California’s mild climate and diverse plant life by creating easily accessible outdoor spaces and incorporating large windows and walls of glass, providing expansive backyard views.

Today, Eichler homes remodeled by Flegel’s Construction retain that original vision, but offer increased functionality and style for today’s homeowners.

Whatever your architect envisions, our craftsmen can build. We create wide-open entryways that lead to airy living spaces, kitchens with customized appliances, and new floor plans that utilize space more efficiently.

Flegel’s experts also install state-of-the-art wiring, plumbing and framing where needed. These upgrades are largely unseen, but make living in an Eichler more comfortable and convenient for families, couples, or single owners.

With Flegel’s, Details Make a Difference

We enjoy collaborating with homeowners and architects to bring new life to every Eichler. Often, we’ll suggest details to make your home more functional or add a dimension of style, such as:

  • Adding windows above eye level, called “clerestory,” to brighten a room and make it feel bigger.
  • Carefully matching exterior paint and stucco on additions to the original construction, ensuring the new build does not seem “tacked on.”
  • Eliminating the step from interior to exterior living spaces. A flush threshold out to the patio facilitates flow and merges indoors and outdoors, a key feature of Eichler homes.

Your Bay Area Eichler remodeling project deserves an Eichler specialist – Flegel’s Construction Company. Call us today at 408-269-1101.