Stands by his work…

“I cannot say enough about Scott Flegel. He is on the ball. He works on the project with his employees. He has very high standards and his employees follow his example. Our architect has come back to look at the projectseveral times. He noted there is not one flaw in the construction of the framing and interior structures.

Scott Flegel does not cut corners and is very forthcoming about any potential problems with your design.

Scott Flegel is also a talented master carpenter with an understanding of design detail. He made many construction and design suggestions throughout the 16 month process that significantly improved the finished product. We wanted to have the interior and exterior of our home flow together as one living space. He made the brilliant suggestion to have no step-downs (which is standard) from the interior to the exterior living areas and then he built it properly. He also made suggestions for finish details on the carpentry throughout.

We had many (9-10) subcontractors on this job. Scott had weekly meeting with all the participants throughout the project. He made sure everyone knew the scope of their work, kept them working well together where their areas crossed paths. He had my back at every point. He never let anyone tell me what I had to do and always stressed that what I wanted done is what gets done. He made it much easier to manage my own project.

Scott is punctual, responsive, readily available and, as he says, “your contractor for life”. He really stands by his work.”