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Alternatives to Wood in Home Building

Yes! There Are Alternatives to Wood in Home Building!

Do You Need a Backup Plan for Rising Wood Prices?

Lumber prices soared to $1,500 per thousand board feet (MBF) in May 2021. According to an article in Fortune’s online magazine, prices are currently $545 MBF. That’s an increase of 40% since the low of $389 MBF that occurred in August. The pre-pandemic lumber market ran between $300 to $500 MBF, so the October prices are still running high. What’s worse, some forecasters are predicting near-term increases. The good news is, there are alternatives to wood in home building.  

Work with the versatile home builders at Flegel’s Construction to explore the options below for your new build or remodeling projects.

Alternative Materials for Home Framing

Framing refers to the skeletal structure that supports the rest of your new home construction. It creates the outline of the house and supports the roof. Some materials can double as the walls and the framing. Steel, concrete, bamboo, and even straw bales are potential alternatives to wood. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Concrete. There are several forms of concrete that make for an affordable alternative to the soaring cost of wood:
    • Concrete block framing. You can see this construction in industrial buildings, but it can also be used for residential homes. Concrete has several positive features, including its resistance to floods and fires. It withstands strong winds and earthquakes. Since it insulates your home well, it can help you save on energy costs. It also absorbs sound well.
    • Insulated concrete forms (ICFs): Concrete framing, ICFs involve two hollow panels with concrete poured in between, creating a strong, durable framing material that withstands harsh weather, fires, and floods.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable framing material that is three times stronger than standard timber. Extremely lightweight and resistant to harsh weather, it also grows quickly, producing 100 feet of usable material every five years.
  • Natural materials. Although it may seem odd, various natural materials are also an alternative, although unusual, framing option.
    • Straw bales. Some homeowners have used straw bales for a unique look and renewable source of framing materials. Home builders apply plaster over the bales to strengthen and preserve the structure.
    • Earth and rock. Compacted earth and rock forms a strong framing material that’s typically mixed with cement for durability.

Team up with the industry’s leading construction professionals to find suitable alternatives to wood in home building or remodeling projects for your industrial, ranch, Mediterranean style, or Eichler home.

Contact Flegel’s today to discuss alternatives to wood in home building in the Bay Area. We can help you meet your aspirations for a more sustainable, durable home personalized to your specifications.

Lumber Price Trends Are Difficult to Predict!

Is Another Lumber Price Hike in the Offing?

After reaching an all-time high of $1,500 per thousand board feet (MBF) in May this year, lumber prices fell precipitously to an August low of $483 MBF. Then, prices began to creep up, causing some economists to cry inflation. In September, lumber prices hit $628 MBF, leaving homebuilders, consumers, and others wondering how far prices will continue to climb. Clearly, lumber price trends are difficult to predict.

While some analysts predict rising prices as supply catches up to demand, others are saying this won’t happen, citing a few reasons, such as:

  • As supply and demand level off, prices will go down
  • Homeowners are beginning DIY projects they put off over the summer
  • The rush back into hardware stores will probably drive prices higher in the short term, then level off, according to a article
  • With families returning from vacation and the start of the school year behind them, homeowners are likely to begin more home remodeling projects

The fact remains that in the short term, lumber price trends are difficult to predict for the remainder of 2021 and beginning of 2022. If lumber mills continue to shut down every time prices fall, it could be a very bumpy ride for construction companies and home builders trying to time their purchase to save money.

Flegel’s Construction Co. Helps You Find Cost-Effective Alternatives to Lumber

If you’re looking for a homebuilder or remodeling company in the Bay Area, Flegel’s Construction Co. has you covered. When lumber prices are on the rise, we look closely at concrete, composite, steel, and other alternatives that can cut down the amount of lumber needed to frame and build your home.

The same holds true for remodeling projects. From out-of-the-box thinking such as straw bale or shipping container framing to reducing lumber waste, our construction team will do everything possible to keep your project within budget.

There’s enough evidence showing lumber price trends are difficult to predict. Short of investing in a crystal ball and watching the lumber market closely, there’s little homeowners can do about the cost of lumber. Instead, you can partner with industry professionals that can help you find suitable alternatives that can save you money on remodeling projects for your classic, modern, or Eichler home.

Contact Flegel’s today to discuss your remodeling project or new build in the Bay Area. We shop around to find the best materials at the best prices for your home construction project.

Creative Ideas on Updating Floor Plans

From the Home Remodeling Pros in San Jose and Santa Clara Valley 

Many clients come to us frustrated with their home renovation plans. While you may want to create a beautiful, modern open floor plan, a load bearing wall, an inconveniently placed fireplace, and other structures in your home make it seem impossible. Don’t lose heart; there are many creative ideas on updating floor plans, and there will be one that’s just right for you!

At Flegel’s Construction Co., we pride ourselves on coming up with innovative ways to give clients a better flow from room to room. Let’s discuss different options that allow you to get creative and enjoy the process while maintaining your budget and the structural integrity of your home!

Improve Flow and Visibility with An Updated Floor Plan

If you feel constrained by the layout and structure of your older home, it might be time to partner with experienced remodelers in the San Jose area. Whether you’re already working with an architect or need the assistance of a structural engineer, we can help provide expert advice and feasibility checks to ensure your plan works for you today and into the future.

Open floor plans improve visibility, make entertaining easier, and improve the natural flow of your home. So, if you have an older home with walls separating your kitchen, living room, dining room, and other communal spaces, it’s time to get creative and open things up a bit.

Here are some ideas for overcoming structural issues that prevent you from just knocking down walls:

  • “You’re going to need a column to keep the roof up.” No one wants to hear that their dream of an open floor plan will be intersected by a floor to ceiling column. However, it’s not the end of the world. Use it as a design element. For example, instead of one column, add two and put in some shelves for storage and display purposes.
  • Load-bearing beams. Nothing makes a homeowner cringe more than hearing that they can’t get rid of a wall due to load bearing beams. However, our construction team can improve the existing load beams or replace them with stronger material, such as steel beams. You may even get a more attractive, contemporary look by exposing newer materials.
  • Open your fireplace between two rooms. Keep your existing fireplace but open it up as part of your remodel. You can even add a two-sided fireplace to create separate zones for the living room and dining room, kitchen and living room, and so on. By using gas fixtures and glass surrounds, you keep the warmth and comfort of your fireplace without heavy traditional materials such as brick or cast iron. Alternately, you can use the fireplace as a focal point, surrounded on all four sides with river rock, brick, or other materials that fit the style of your home.
  • Opening doorways. If you’re looking for a more subtle update, consider opening doorways by replacing them with arches, glass panels, or pocket doors. You can browse through our online portfolio for more ideas and inspiration.
  • Flooring transitions. You can put tile in your kitchen, wood floors in the living room, and concrete in the entryway without breaking the feel of an open floor plan. We’ll work with you to create fun transitions between unique materials.

Our construction consulting team for home remodeling often jumps in to salvage open floor plan remodels. Let us tackle your toughest conundrums with creative ideas on updating floor plans.

Contact us today for open floor remodeling for your traditional home. We can also suggest flooring and zone transition ideas to update your Eichler home in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto.

Build Your New Home in Santa Clara

Build Your New Home in Santa Clara—Experience Matters!

Hire Flegel’s Construction Co. for Bare Lot or Tear-Down Construction

While some homeowners are happy to purchase the beautiful, historic homes already built in Santa Clara, you’ve decided to go another way. With its proximity to Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland, and cosmopolitan San Francisco, you and your family have decided that the Santa Clara Valley is the perfect place to build your forever home. The first official task is finding an available lot, rare in the sought-after Santa Clara real estate market. Next, you must find a contractor to turn your bare lot into your dream home, tear down (or partially tear down) the existing structure to build your new home in Santa Clara.

You Supply the Vision, We’ll Handle the Compliance Details

Flegel’s Construction Co. has expertise in new home construction throughout the Bay Area. Our construction consultants can help you determine the best way to transform your land purchase into a blank slate for your custom home build. We want you to enjoy the exciting and limitless possibilities for your future house, and so, our pros take care of all the important details. You can trust us to check off all the boxes and investigate matters related to city ordinances, height limits, neighborhood designations, lot line limits, fire protection requirements, and drought-friendly landscaping, in the building plans.

When we build your new home in Santa Clara, we hope to start a lifelong relationship for all your construction needs.

Flegel’s Construction and Consultation Services in Santa Clara

From slope and drainage to where to place your pool, we can help you solidify every major decision by considering the full scope of the surrounding terrain and, of course, the needs of your family.

Here are some of the services we offer on your journey to creating a home that serves as the center of your family’s universe:

  • Project viability services: Our construction consultants help you determine the scope of your new build. They also act as the voice of reason or encourage you to dream bigger when you feel that constraints are weighing down your plans. You can also count on us for timely, accurate feedback regarding the feasibility and expense of proposed changes.
  • Pre-build consultation: Prior to putting any shovels in the dirt, we’ll have a detailed consultation to help you avoid costly mistakes. We can also help you wade through estimates from other contractors to shortlist the most promising, realistic proposals.
  • Hassle-free compliance: Our experts have a deep understanding of local building codes which helps us cut through the red tape on many requirements by remaining organized and proactive. This also smooths out the permit process to minimize or eliminate costly reworks.
  • Project management: When it comes to managing subcontractors and suppliers, you can count on our construction management team. We keep a close eye on the project’s progress to make sure that quality remains high and true to your instructions. You will receive regular progress updates, so you stay excited rather than anxious!

We want to be your construction contractors for life and can also offer advice on whether to remodel your current house or build your new home in Santa Clara.

Contact us today to schedule a pre-build consultation and ask any questions you have. We look forward to helping you build your new home in Santa Clara. We also handle remodeling jobs for your traditional or Eichler home in San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto.

Water-Saving Techniques for High-End Landscapes

Proven Water-Saving Techniques for High-End Landscapes

Innovative Ideas for Your Redesigned, Luxurious Landscaping

After you build a new home, complete a room addition, or remodel your space, the inside of your Bay Area home may look polished and perfect. However, construction can take a toll on your landscaping. You may not have focused on the exterior of your property while the interiors got a makeover. For a picture-perfect home, your lawn and garden should reflect the same upscale ambiance as your house. Your trees must be verdant and healthy to complement the overall appeal of your property. Given the ongoing water shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area, we remind all our customers to think about sustainable practices and water smart landscaping. Our team suggests five proven water-saving techniques for high-end landscapes.

Save Water without Sacrificing a Lovely Residential Landscape

At Flegel’s Construction Co., we take pride in the gorgeous luxury homes we design and build across San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto. Living and working in the area for over three decades, we are very mindful of the need for water conservation. Here are five great ideas to maintain a beautiful outdoor setting with sustainable landscaping:

  1. Xeriscaping: You can conserve water with drought-resistant cacti and low-water grasses. A cactus collection complements most landscape themes, and some varieties have colorful flowers or interesting spines and forms. Groundcover such as Yerba Buena and native grasses that go dormant in the dry season also help save water without sacrificing your property’s curb appeal.
  2. Floating covers: Flexible covers can reduce evaporation without marring the therapeutic sound and sights of ponds, fountains, and other water features. Adding plants, shade trees, and creating smaller features can also help you limit water loss.
  3. Gravel and mulch: Adding a protective ground cover reduces evaporation by preventing erosion, retaining moisture, and nourishing the soil. Choose a high-grade mulch or decorative gravel to add color and texture to your landscape design.
  4. Underground drip systems: Drip irrigation systems enhance your landscaping in a couple of ways. By hiding the hoses and nozzles, an underground irrigation system provides the moisture your turf, flowers, and trees need without the unsightly mess on the surface. You’ll lose less water to evaporation since the water doesn’t collect on the surface of your yard where wind and sunlight can evaporate it quickly.
  5. Electronic watering sensors: Smart watering systems now include electronic monitoring sensors. You can schedule irrigation at ideal times to maximize water conservation, i.e., early morning or after sundown. Consider investing in electronic watering sensors that water your lawn on an as-needed basis. Our team can suggest the right system for your Bay Area home.

Flegel’s provides construction consulting for home remodeling and homebuilding. We also design and install landscaping solutions. When you need help with water-saving techniques for high-end landscapes, you can trust our experts to recommend the right features for your property.

Contact us today for indoor and outdoor home makeovers in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto. We love to brainstorm and educate our clients on water-saving techniques for luxury, custom homes in the Bay Area.

Kitchen Makeovers Are a Big Part of Home Renovations

Don’t Limit Your Remodeling to a Kitchen Contractor

As you plan your kitchen update, have you considered how to coordinate the changes with connecting rooms — or your whole home for that matter? Architectural details, colors, and materials can pull together a cohesive look, even if their design inspirations are decades apart. At Flegel’s Construction, we go beyond what a kitchen contractor can do, by facilitating comfortable family lifestyles. While they tend to be the most popular, kitchen makeovers are a big part of home renovations. So, when you partner with our design team, we consider nearby rooms, the outdoors, and the rest of your home.

How to Rethink the Kitchen with Your Whole Home in Mind

Often, homeowners hire a kitchen contractor to change cabinetry, install new appliances and change the flooring. While these may be part of your remodeling task list, why limit your kitchen makeover to these changes? For a true transformation, think beyond the space within your kitchen. You can blend your new kitchen design with elements in connecting rooms for greater impact.

Here are a few considerations we take into account to ensure your dream kitchen matches the form and functionality your family needs:

  • Add elements that match the architectural detail of the adjacent rooms. Custom cabinets and countertops that coordinate with woodwork in your adjoining living room or family room minimize differences to create consistency in the overall look of the space.
  • Do you have a traditional fireplace? Kitchen wall and floor tiles with a similar look and feel can help ensure a seamless look. For example, vintage ceramic floor tiles convey a rustic look in the most modern kitchen.
  • Enjoy custom kitchen remodeling for Eichler homes. If you own an Eichler home, we can integrate a kitchen design that won’t mar the distinctive open concept feel. Glass backsplashes, white marble counters, and white or neutral cabinets update your kitchen while blending in with distinctive Eichler architectural elements. We’ll also take advantage of natural light streaming through your floor-to-ceiling glass walls.  
  • Consider statement lighting fixtures. Match the pendant lights that hang over new countertops and islands with the lighting scheme in your living room or dining room. Statement lighting can help tie together an open floor plan.
  • Plan for a spacious look. Kitchens designed in the 70s and 80s often feel isolated and restricting to modern families. Our licensed contractors can execute a more efficient layout that doesn’t cut off the chef from conversations and social activity in adjoining rooms.
  • Do you need more storage? You don’t have to double the size of your kitchen for more storage opportunities. However, our experienced contractors can add on space to expand your kitchen or blend it in with your outdoor living area. You can have a place for everything and everything in its place!

Let’s Think Beyond Your Kitchen for a Stunning Home Makeover

Get the help you need for a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. At Flegel’s Construction, we can help you achieve an Insta-worthy kitchen with improved functionality, luxurious aesthetics, and homey elements that make your guests feel welcome. 

Contact us when you need a contractor who understands that kitchen makeovers are a big part of home renovations. We serve customers throughout San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto.

Finding Alternatives to Building with Lumber

Explore Substitutes for Lumber Framing During the Shortage

Home prices have risen by around $36,000[1] thanks to a protracted lumber shortage constraining the production of new homes. The lumber shortage clashes with a rising demand for new homes as the economy opens and consumers return to their pre-COVID 19 goals to build their own homes. Builders are looking for alternative construction materials that can reduce their dependence on lumber.

Two options have gained traction following a focus on them at a recent National Association of Homebuilders webinar. Cost-effective, energy-conserving structural insulated panels (SIPs) and insulated concrete forms (ICFs) may become long-term alternatives to building with lumber.

Are you eager to build a new home or renovate your existing one? It’s important to find the right homebuilder in the San Jose area. Look for contractors willing to explore innovative ideas to help you stay on budget and finish your construction project on time. Flegel’s Construction is working on finding new lumber suppliers and using alternative materials to keep projects going for clients in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and Palo Alto.

Two Alternatives to Lumber Framing for Your New Construction

Here is a brief overview of how ICFs and SIPs could act as framing materials in place of lumber:

  • ICFs are 48” x 16” Styrofoam blocks that interlock like Lego. The blocks have hollow centers to leave room for steel and concrete reinforcement. ICFs are energy efficient, with an  R-value of 23, which is at the high end of the recommended value for walls. In comparison, walls using batt insulation have an R-value of 15. ICFs are only used in walls but similar products are developed for roofs and floors.
  • SIPs are oriented strand board (OSB) with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. SIPs require a small percentage of the lumber used for traditional framing. Further, SIPs facilitate construction, resulting in faster build times and reduced waste. SIPs made of fast-growing hardwoods can reduce the overall cost of home construction projects. They have an R-value of 23 to 48, making them one of the most energy efficient building materials available.

Flegel’s Construction is always ready to incorporate new materials to create more cost-effective homes and renovations. Finding alternatives to building with lumber is a huge priority currently!

What’s Causing the Spike in Lumber Prices?

Several factors have contributed to rising lumber costs, including the following:

  • Many mills decreased production during the pandemic due to reduced demand
  • Lumber yards didn’t immediately ramp up production when the housing market rebounded
  • The volatile price of lumber has made it hard to secure supplies from Canada and other alternative markets

Choose an Experienced, Savvy Builder for Your New Home Construction

At Flegel’s Construction, we constantly seek out alternative building materials. Our resourceful construction managers use their years of experience to keep your costs within budget.

Contact Flegel’s Construction for more ideas on finding alternatives to building with lumber in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, or Palo Alto.

High Lumber Prices Increasing Home Building Costs

Choose an Experienced San Jose Homebuilder

Creating an accurate budget for your home construction project has become more complicated in 2021. The rising price of lumber is increasing the cost of home building and renovations. In fact, the volatile lumber prices and short supply are making it difficult to avoid cost overruns and supply delays.

As you plan your new home construction or renovation, it’s important to choose a San Jose Area homebuilder with years of experience. To stay within your budget, you want to ensure that your construction company has a strong network of suppliers and vendors, and the skill to avoid costly errors. At Flegel’s Construction, we are working hard to expand our list of reliable suppliers. Our goal is to keep costs down and projects on track for homeowners in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, and Mountain View.

Anticipate Higher Costs for Home Building and Renovations in 2021

According to the Wall Street Journal, the cost of lumber is four times that of historic prices. Lumber prices have exceeded $1,500 per thousand board feet (mbf), a square foot of wood one inch thick. What does this mean for homebuyers?

Let’s look at how the cost increase impacts your construction budget:

  • Although the prices vary by region, at $400 per mbf, it might cost about $9,800 for the framing lumber and structural panels for a 2,000 square foot home. At $1,600 per mbf, the cost of lumber for the same project skyrockets to over $39,000.
  • Surging lumber prices have resulted in an average price increase of $35,872 for single-family homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders.
  • According to a recent CNN article, the March median home price rose by 17.2%. At $329,100, that’s the highest price since 1999 when the National Association of Realtors started tracking home prices nationally.

What’s Causing the Lumber Price Spike?

Several factors contribute to recent high prices and the volatility of lumber in general. People held off buying or building homes during the pandemic. This led to a drop in lumber prices and the closure of several sawmills. Now that the housing market has heated up again, there’s an unprecedented demand accompanied by extremely short supplies of lumber.

As lumber production ramps back up, you can expect to see a drop in lumber prices at some point, but it is not likely to happen soon. At Flegel’s Construction, we’re looking for innovative ways to keep the total cost of construction down by looking at the following options:

  • Using alternative materials where possible
  • Providing highly experienced construction managers to help avoid cost overruns
  • Scaling down the complexity and scope of renovation and construction projects by focusing on the essentials

We can help you save money on your remodel by planning for realistic timelines and budgets

At Flegel’s Construction, we manage projects with time and cost saving measures in mind. Despite the rising prices for lumber driving up costs of home building and renovations, we can help you realize your dream home. Check out our portfolio of remodeling projects for inspiration.

Contact us to expedite your construction or home renovation project in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, and Mountain View.

15 Steps for Planning for a Major Home Renovation

Experts Suggest 15 Steps for Planning for a Major Home Renovation

Identify Your Goals, Decide on a Budget and Hire the Right Contractor

As you plan and execute your home renovation project, it’s important to know your end goal, set a budget, and consider how the renovation will impact your daily routine. Partnering with the right construction company can put your mind at ease about the details and the quality of the end result. To ensure a successful remodel, follow these 15 steps for planning for a major home renovation in the San Jose area.

Key Steps for Planning your Home Remodel

Our construction team put together a list of steps to help you avoid the struggles many homeowners find themselves in during a home renovation. Get ahead of the game with proper planning when you follow the steps below:

  1. Know Your End Goal. Are you selling your house or fixing it up for your family to enjoy? Also, consider what other homes in the neighborhood are like. Scale your renovation to achieve your goal.
  2. Set a budget. Outlining a budget can help you prioritize changes you wish to make. You should also include at least a 10% contingency fund for incidentals and unexpected costs.
  3. Map out the construction schedule. Pad in a few extra weeks to ensure you complete the project before the holidays or other important events.
  4. Conduct the necessary research. Find out as much as you can for every stage of the project, beginning with these tips for the planning stage. The designers and craftsmen at Flegel’s Construction have successfully completed many renovations in the San Jose area. So, feel free to pick their brains.
  5. Know when to ask for help. Perhaps your DIY home renovation hasn’t panned out the way you thought. After you decide which projects you could do yourself, determine whether you have the time to take them on. If you need help recovering from a DIY nightmare, the team at Flegel’s can provide a free quote on what it would take to get back on track.
  6. Ask your contractor for references. Even if you have already shortlisted a remodeling company, take that extra step to check their references. Reputable construction companies will be happy to share reviews and customer testimonials.
  7. Declutter and pack. Renting a storage pod to store and protect your belongings can help you declutter your home and make the renovation go more smoothly.
  8. Kid-proof and pet-proof construction areas. If you plan to live in your home during the renovation, take steps to keep your family safe. Installing child gates can prevent your children from getting hurt. Do you have pets? Loud, busy construction sites can stress out your cat or dog. Consider crating them or getting a trusted friend to keep them until the project is finished.
  9. Make a master to-do list. Keeping a comprehensive list can help you stay on task and adjust your budget or renovation plan as required. Work with your remodeling company’s project manager to ensure that you don’t forget items such as permits and supplies.
  10. Create drawings of your finished renovation. Whether you use software to mockup your desired changes or hire an architect, drawings help you and your construction team visualize the result. Work with a construction company that’s familiar with working with architectural drawings. This ensures that your finished project will look as good as it did on paper.
  11. Apply for permits as early as possible. Obtaining the proper building permits ensures that your remodeling project doesn’t violate structural and safety requirements. Choose a remodeling partner that understands local building codes and how to work with the appropriate authorities in your jurisdiction.
  12. Schedule cleanup time. Work with your construction team to establish starting and closing times that allow for daily cleanup. That gives you enough time to wind down at the end of the day if you live in your home during the renovation.
  13. Take the opportunity to make basic improvements. If you are stripping a room down to the studs, it might be a good time to consider whether to include electrical upgrades or improve the plumbing in your home. Although it adds to the project budget, improvements to the infrastructure of your property will increase the overall value, and they are cheaper to do during a renovation rather than at a later stage.
  14. Hire Your construction company well in advance. Book the help you need to complete your renovation ahead of time to ensure that you can finish the project on schedule.
  15. Check weather conditions. Your home renovation may include interior and exterior changes. Plan ahead to complete projects at the most advantageous time of the year.

At Flegel’s Construction, our team gives the appropriate care and attention to every aspect of your home remodeling project, from the first consultation to the final cleanup. We serve the entire Bay Area, including San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara and Mountain View.

To understand the key steps in planning for a major home renovation, you can rely on the courteous professionals at Flegel’s Construction. Contact us online with your questions and to book a consultation.

Time to Bring in a Home Renovation Consultant?

Get the Help You Need to Manage Your Home Remodeling Plans

Many homeowners are multi-tasking more than ever before with the new work-from-home culture. While it’s a welcome change from the traditional home-office-home routine, it may not always be the best idea to DIY tasks that are best left to professionals. For instance, planning and project managing your home remodel can be exciting, until timelines, budgets, and even the renovations start going awry. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps it’s time to bring in a home renovation consultant.

Unfortunately, we hear horrible stories of planning and communication issues that result in home renovation disasters. Scott Flegel at Flegel’s Construction Co. is frequently called in to help homeowners save their remodeling projects (and their sanity)!   

Avoid cost overruns and misunderstandings by hiring Flegel’s Construction Co. to manage your home renovation in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, San Jose, Sunnyvale, or Los Altos. Owner Scott Flegel is an experienced custom home builder who has overseen many, many home renovation projects over the years. Ideally, we start at the beginning, but our experts can also rescue your mid-project renovation, if needed. Have you started a home renovation project that just can’t seem to get done? Let’s talk.

Need Mid-Project Help with Your Home Renovation?

If you have realized that you’re in over your head early in the project, make a change, now. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether to hire a professional remodeling company to plan and complete the work:

  • Do I have the time?
  • Can I plan and execute the project from start to finish?
  • Do I know the local regulations?
  • Do I have the right tools?
  • Do I have the necessary experience?

If you are in the middle of your bathroom or kitchen remodel and things have gone terribly wrong, it’s time to bring in a home renovation consultant from Flegel’s Construction Co. Feel free to browse through our customer testimonials or look through our online portfolio for home remodeling inspiration.

Signs that Your Home Renovation is in Serious Trouble:

  • It doesn’t look good. This is the simplest test. If you’ve tried to install your own cabinets or lay new tiling, the ultimate test is what it looks like when you’re done. It’s better to hire professional contractors to fix it now than live with renovations that are just not what you envisioned and decrease the value of your home.
  • You are way overbudget with little to show for it. With a renovation consultant on the job, you can relax and trust that the materials sourced for the job are worth what you pay for them. Although it costs more to have someone else do the work, you’ll be happy when your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen remodel exceeds your expectations.
  • You get a notice from the code inspector. At Flegel’s Construction Co., our knowledgeable contractors apply for any necessary permits and coordinate with local inspectors to keep your home renovation on schedule.

Do you need a professional to help you pull your design elements together? Our home renovation specialist can produce a cohesive design that works for your family.

How the Home Remodel Process Works…in a Perfect World

To get your project back on schedule, we start with an initial evaluation and note the changes that you would like to achieve. After you agree to the scope of work, we can provide you with an estimate to complete the project. Be prepared to budget time and money for any work that we may need to remove in order to turn your home renovation around. Your consultant works closely with our home remodeling team to make sure that everyone stays on the same page.

Is it time to bring in a home renovation consultant to save your remodeling project? Schedule an initial consultation at your home in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, San Jose, Sunnyvale, or Los Altos.


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