Flegel’s Construction is NUMBER ONE in my book!!!

“Flegel’s Construction is NUMBER ONE in my book!!! I have had Scott and his crew do a major remodel at my house, plus several follow-on new jobs and each time, the work was completed ON TIME and ON BUDGET — a miracle in today’s environment where cost overruns and long delays are the rule and not the exception.

And the work is EXCEPTIONAL !!! My father was a carpenter and held continuous membership in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners for almost 66 years. He did all phases of construction from foundations to roofs, flooring to trim. He taught me what constitutes quality work. That’s why I keep going back to Flegel’s Construction. I know that I can ask them to do something and that it will be done TASTEFULLY, CORRECTLY and QUICKLY, and AT A FAIR PRICE.

Scott and his team continue to carry my highest personal recommendation.”

L. Salerno , Portola Valley


Incredibly well taken care of by Scott Flegel and his crew

“It was our first remodel and we feel so lucky we found Scott Flegel and his crew! First of all, already during the bid process, and throughout the entire project, Scott was incredibly responsive. With a job so mobile and multiple sites to manage in parallel, we very much admired how organized he was to be able to offer this level of real time response to all his clients.This incredible responsiveness, infinite patience (first time == lots of questions!) and Scott’s capacity to adapt to just about about any change in the project were a welcome constant throughout the remodel. We felt incredibly well taken care of, like Scott was remodeling his own house. That well.

Remodeling, in particular for the first time, can be pretty overwhelming from initial project scoping and budgeting, through individual choices for just about anything and additional unexpected factors. Scott’s was always available to help and advise. When we couldn’t make up our minds, he organized a tour houses he’d remodeled for us see various options installed. Invaluable when you’re making choices for a hundred items. Our beautiful slate tile floors are a result of one of such visits. Scott also upfront split the costs into fixed (labor) and variable (materials) so we could control the variable part while counting on high quality craftsmanship for the installation regardless of what we chose. For example, we went with IKEA kitchen cabinets and higher end fixtures, appliances, and lighting. We love the result and get complemented on our kitchen all the time.

When things changed on the project, as they always do, you could feel Scott’s experience with project management particularly well: he had the necessary calm, good view of the overall plan, and lots of ideas of how to shuffle things around to make it work again. At some point we saw a half wall in the bathroom as the crew was sealing a half wall we installed. It didn’t look right, it looked too massive in our tiny master bath. So we asked to shorten it, without realizing how advanced it was and that we were basically asking to redo it. Scott patiently explained what it would take to redo. When we gave the go ahead, he even picked up part of the cost. The bathroom turned up perfect! Scott really means it that he build to fit your needs. Or whims.

Scott’s crew deserves their own round of appreciation. Big Scott was our main guy and his resourcefulness and craft were outstanding. I believe he can fix everything and adapt just about anything to fit! He also dealt with deliveries, supervised suppliers and other workers, and was always a joy to talk to.

Overall, a successful first-time remodel, with the budget under control and delivered within a tight time frame. We initially asked to move in after a month, to which Scott tactfully replied that this might be a little “ambitious” considering we’re redoing the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, ceiling, insulation, windows, skylights, roof, and electricity. As I write this, I realize I miss those conversations, Scott, Dawn, and the entire crew were a welcome part of the family during the remodel. We can only hope Scott will be available when we’re ready for Stage II. And if he’s not, we’ll wait because once you worked with Scott, no-one else will do!

Thank you, Agata and Nicolas


Executed to perfection…

“When working with someone closely on a major project you really get to know their character. We must say that Scott (and crew) is one of the most honest, genuine, easy-to-work-with people we have entered a business relationship with. In fact, it never felt like a business relationship. It felt more like a partnership, with Scott supporting us through the entire process.

Our remodel was extensive. We reconfigured spaces, redid the electrical/heating/plumbing, stripped the entire ceiling to uncover the natural redwood, put on a new roof, re-purposed cabinetry. Most challenging was that our remodel required VERY specific and intricate design details — the use of exotic materials, complicated transitions between varied materials, precise modern lines extending from the external facing to aluminum reveals in the atrium to window and door lines. (During the bidding process, one contractor walked away daunted.) Scott took on the job with confidence and executed to perfection. As a bonus, he made the process stress free which freed us to enjoy the experience of seeing our house transformed. We also appreciated that Scott was fully accessible (regular on-site meetings, email and phone) and was hands on — not just tied to a clipboard but with tools and work boots at hand. And, never did we feel that we were being nickled and dimed.

It was a real pleasure working with Scott, Dawn and crew. We are thrilled with the outcome. The most lasting takeaway however is knowing that there are truly honest people out there who love what they do.”

Michael and Terri Yamamoto


The remodel exceeded our expectations in every way…

We actually found Scott Flegel through the Palo Alto- Menlo Park Parents’ Club website.  Within minutes of meeting him, we had a gut feeling we would choose him as our general contractor.  We had just purchased an original condition 70’s rancher in Menlo Park that was in desperate need of a complete update.  Like most people who enter into this process, we did our due diligence and got multiple bids. Going with Flegel’s Construction was the best decision we ever made!

Our project was a full renovation with some structural work.  Throughout the whole process, Scott was patient, flexible and guided us well.  He also helped with many design aspects as we did not hire a designer.  In addition to his excellent aesthetic and enthusiasm for what he does, Scott is an incredibly honest guy, which is not easy to find in this industry.  Flegel’s Construction Company including Dawn and his crew (Stan, Kevin, Big Scott and John to name a few) are as affable and hardworking as he is, and we enjoyed our interactions with all of them.  We also had a good experience with his subcontractors.

The remodel exceeded our expectations in every way.  The workmanship was superb and our house was amazingly transformed.  We ended up doing more than we initially planned but still moved into our home on time.  We used to joke with Scott after it was done that we wanted to continue our weekly meetings with him!  Scott, Dawn and the Flegel Construction team turned what everyone knows is a stressful experience into a pleasant one.  We highly recommend them to our friends and anyone who is looking to remodel their home. ”

Priya and Pete


Stands by his work…

“I cannot say enough about Scott Flegel. He is on the ball. He works on the project with his employees. He has very high standards and his employees follow his example. Our architect has come back to look at the project several times. He noted there is not one flaw in the construction of the framing and interior structures. Scott Flegel does not cut corners and is very forthcoming about any potential problems with your design.

Scott Flegel is also a talented master carpenter with an understanding of design detail. He made many construction and design suggestions throughout the 16 month process that significantly improved the finished product. We wanted to have the interior and exterior of our home flow together as one living space. He made the brilliant suggestion to have no step-downs (which is standard) from the interior to the exterior living areas and then he built it properly. He also made suggestions for finish details on the carpentry throughout.

We had many (9-10) subcontractors on this job. Scott had weekly meeting with all the participants throughout the project. He made sure everyone knew the scope of their work, kept them working well together where their areas crossed paths. He had my back at every point. He never let anyone tell me what I had to do and always stressed that what I wanted done is what gets done. He made it much easier to manage my own project.

Scott is punctual, responsive, readily available and, as he says, “your contractor for life”. He really stands by his work.”



As easy for us as possible…

“We interviewed at least 7 contractors for our Eichler remodel and decided on Flegel’s construction and I am so glad we did! Working with Scott and his crew was such an pleasant experience. We had heard so many horror stories from friends about their contractors and were bracing ourselves for a tough road. To our utter amazement, the process turned out to be fantastic (and we even had fun!). Scott is very honest and conscientious. His whole team was very easy to work with, explained clearly the work being done, and always kept us apprised of any issues or changes in scope.”

“We were living in the house during our project and they did everything they could to make it as easy for as us as possible, even making sure that they left the work area safe and clean before leaving every day. The workmanship was great and we are so happy with the results. Scott and Dawn are genuinely kind people who will work with you every step of the way to make the project a success.”

Ariane and Pedraum


I am confident that your expectations will be far exceeded…

“Our home in Palo Alto was in need of help. Built in the early 1950s and barely updated since, there was a lot to do. Over 12 months and two phases, our home was transformed into the perfect mid-century modern oasis for our family. It is hard to describe just how wonderful Scott and Dawn Flegel were. Scott began the project as our contractor and ended it as a close friend. Each phase was delivered on-time and within budget, despite lots of surprises during the process (e.g. a ceiling that needed to be replaced). Scott and Dawn’s willingness to work with us, quality of workmanship, flexibility and attention to detail were impeccable. Each member of the Flegel team (Paul, Big Scott, John and Gabe) were a joy to work with. We are thrilled to have our remodel complete, but we will miss seeing our friends every day. We have recommended Flegel’s Construction to many friends, and will continue to do so. We cannot understate how important selecting the correct contractor is – in many respects they are your partner in the process – and I am confident that your expectations will be far exceeded by Scott and the team.”

Shealan and Raj Singh