Bone Structure Homes

Bone Structure, An Earth-Friendly Alternate to Wood Construction

For clients who wish to explore sustainable, high performance, energy-efficient home building options, Flegel’s Construction Company offers Bone Structure ®.

Bone Structure is the trademarked name for a steel-based method of construction, devised by aerospace executive Marc A. Bovet about 10 years ago. Bovet thought steel was superior to wood as a basis for building houses.

Steel is sturdier than wood post-and-beam construction and impervious to insects, mold and rot. It is also more conducive to precision construction, and more compatible with a just-in-time delivery process that calls for the structure to be assembled in sections.

Because Flegel’s Construction Company wants to provide clients with choices, we are authorized Bone Structure contractors. For many prospective homeowners who want to build a modern home that conserves the earth’s resources, Bone Structure is an excellent alternative.

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Benefits of the Bone Structure Home Building Method

Building the Bone Structure way offers many benefits for both homeowners and builders:

  • Design flexibility. Clients and architects appreciate the Bone Structure method because it allows for dramatic, creative designs, with wide-open floor plans and high ceilings. Even in a layout that is partitioned into separate rooms, an absence of load-bearing interior walls makes later conversion to an open floor plan relatively quick and easy.
  • An efficient process. Using steel components that are manufactured to precise specifications is a process that virtually eliminates the costly material waste so common in conventional construction projects. This efficient building process requires no trips to the landfill and saves clients money because Bone Structure homes are completed in less time than a traditional timber or post-and-beam residence.
  • Earth-friendly construction. In addition to generating no material waste, Bone Structure construction is compatible with nature in other ways. Steel can be recycled for other uses, if desired. Also, the Bone Structure method of insulating with non-toxic polyurethane foam and polystyrene panels can reduce heating and cooling needs by as much as 90 percent.

If you are considering a new home, the quality construction of a Bone Structure residence may be an ideal fit for you. Call Flegel’s Construction Company today at 408-269-1101 for more information.