Bathroom Remodeling

We Create Dream Bathrooms for Our Clients

A well-appointed, remodeled bathroom is a homeowner’s joy. Who doesn’t like being able to escape to a luxurious, private space to indulge in a personal moment, away from the rest of the world?

If you don’t experience that feeling with your current bathroom, maybe it’s time to renovate.

At Flegel’s Construction Company, we think everyone deserves the bathroom of their dreams. We’ve remodeled dozens of bathrooms on all kinds of budgets, modernizing them in the diverse styles preferred by our clients.

We’ve turned dated, poorly designed bathrooms with leaky plumbing, tiny showers, and crumbling tilework into sophisticated, relaxing retreats. After Flegel’s Construction transforms your bathroom, you’ll actually look forward to getting ready for work in the morning.

A Bathroom Remodel Is Also a Good Investment

There are also practical reasons for remodeling a bathroom.

Consider the value a remodeled bathroom adds to your home. Like kitchens, bathrooms are heavily trafficked parts of a home. A functioning bathroom with modern features makes a home more livable and is greatly appreciated by family members, guests, and prospective buyers, should you decide to sell.

Quality Workmanship Is Our Signature Service

Flegel’s Construction follows the same meticulous process for every bathroom renovation: collaborating with you and your designer to deliver exactly the bathroom you envision.

You’ll be delighted by our attention to detail, quality workmanship, and our willingness to answer all your questions and incorporate your ideas. We’re also resourceful problem-solvers, a talent that comes in handy when renovating older bathrooms.

Make over your tired bathroom with Flegel’s Construction as your partner. Call 408-269-1101 today.