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Water-Saving Techniques for High-End Landscapes

Proven Water-Saving Techniques for High-End Landscapes

Innovative Ideas for Your Redesigned, Luxurious Landscaping

After you build a new home, complete a room addition, or remodel your space, the inside of your Bay Area home may look polished and perfect. However, construction can take a toll on your landscaping. You may not have focused on the exterior of your property while the interiors got a makeover. For a picture-perfect home, your lawn and garden should reflect the same upscale ambiance as your house. Your trees must be verdant and healthy to complement the overall appeal of your property. Given the ongoing water shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area, we remind all our customers to think about sustainable practices and water smart landscaping. Our team suggests five proven water-saving techniques for high-end landscapes.

Save Water without Sacrificing a Lovely Residential Landscape

At Flegel’s Construction Co., we take pride in the gorgeous luxury homes we design and build across San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto. Living and working in the area for over three decades, we are very mindful of the need for water conservation. Here are five great ideas to maintain a beautiful outdoor setting with sustainable landscaping:

  1. Xeriscaping: You can conserve water with drought-resistant cacti and low-water grasses. A cactus collection complements most landscape themes, and some varieties have colorful flowers or interesting spines and forms. Groundcover such as Yerba Buena and native grasses that go dormant in the dry season also help save water without sacrificing your property’s curb appeal.
  2. Floating covers: Flexible covers can reduce evaporation without marring the therapeutic sound and sights of ponds, fountains, and other water features. Adding plants, shade trees, and creating smaller features can also help you limit water loss.
  3. Gravel and mulch: Adding a protective ground cover reduces evaporation by preventing erosion, retaining moisture, and nourishing the soil. Choose a high-grade mulch or decorative gravel to add color and texture to your landscape design.
  4. Underground drip systems: Drip irrigation systems enhance your landscaping in a couple of ways. By hiding the hoses and nozzles, an underground irrigation system provides the moisture your turf, flowers, and trees need without the unsightly mess on the surface. You’ll lose less water to evaporation since the water doesn’t collect on the surface of your yard where wind and sunlight can evaporate it quickly.
  5. Electronic watering sensors: Smart watering systems now include electronic monitoring sensors. You can schedule irrigation at ideal times to maximize water conservation, i.e., early morning or after sundown. Consider investing in electronic watering sensors that water your lawn on an as-needed basis. Our team can suggest the right system for your Bay Area home.

Flegel’s provides construction consulting for home remodeling and homebuilding. We also design and install landscaping solutions. When you need help with water-saving techniques for high-end landscapes, you can trust our experts to recommend the right features for your property.

Contact us today for indoor and outdoor home makeovers in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Campbell, and Palo Alto. We love to brainstorm and educate our clients on water-saving techniques for luxury, custom homes in the Bay Area.

How to Integrate Exterior Remodeling as Part of a Home Renovation

Important Advice from an Experienced Home Improvement Contractor

Exterior Renovation

New floors and stylish lighting in your foyer will look great but how about adding a new flagstone driveway or redesigning your landscape? Increasingly, homeowners are realizing the value of ensuring their properties look attractive inside and out. The home improvement experts at Flegel’s share the why and how of making exterior remodeling part of your home renovation project.

3 Important Reasons to Renovate Your Home’s Exterior

While the focus of your project may be on the kitchen and bathrooms, or perhaps the living and dining rooms, don’t ignore the benefits of achieving an attractive “street view” of your Bay Area home.

Not convinced? Consider these benefits: 

  1. Property appeal and value: Industry studies indicate that greater curb appeal can increase your home’s value by more than 10%. First impressions make a huge difference in a competitive real estate market.While it may not be the first thing a potential buyer might look for, there is no denying that a visually-appealing exterior is what attracts prospects to your property.

Investing in a stylish front door, installing a stamped concrete or flagstone driveway, dressing up your cobbled pathway with colorful flowerbeds or planters and adding a variety of lighting options, are some ideas to enhance your home’s street view.

A professionally-landscaped backyard with designated relaxation and entertainment areas (an outdoor kitchen, perhaps?) and serene water features also add appeal to your home.

Whether you plan to sell in the near future or not, an attractive exterior is always inviting and welcoming. When you come home after a tiring day or your guests and neighbors admire your impeccable property, the satisfaction is worth it.

  • Energy-efficiency: Energy saving is a hidden benefit of exterior upgrades. Air leaks from windows and doors are a common cause of high energy bills. New windows and siding can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20 to 30%. Further savings are possible with strategic placement of trees around your home. You may also consider a new roof with better insulation.

Additionally, these upgrades give you the opportunity to change the look of your home. There are many different textures in shingles, siding and stucco, for instance, that can make your house stand out. 

  • Reduced maintenance: Exterior repairs for older homes can be time consuming and costly. New roofing and siding that will last for 20 to 30 years is well worth the investment. Many of the latest windows on the market do not require painting and caulking. Overall, newer materials require less maintenance and efficient designs make them easier to clean. It’s a win-win!

Tip: When selecting trim for your front door, windows or patio, remember to choose low maintenance material and finishes, and a style that complements the architecture of the house.

Hire a Trusted Bay Area Contractor for Quality Exterior Renovations

At Flegel’s Construction Co., we have extensive experience with interior and exterior home renovations. Count on our skilled team to make your property the envy of the neighborhood. Get ready to fall in love with your home all over again.

With exceptional craftsmanship and quality, we continue to serve a growing roster of happy customers across the Bay Area. You can see many of our successful projects in Palo Alto, San Jose, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Cupertino, CA.

Discover how to make exterior remodeling part of your Bay Area home renovation project. Contact us online.


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