Executed to perfection…

“When working with someone closely on a major project you really get to know their character. We must say that Scott (and crew) is one of the most honest, genuine, easy-to-work-with people we have entered a business relationship with.

In fact, it never felt like a business relationship. It felt more like a partnership, with Scott supporting us through the entire process.

Our remodel was extensive. We reconfigured spaces, redid the electrical/heating/plumbing, stripped the entire ceiling to uncover the natural redwood, put on a new roof, re-purposed cabinetry. Most challenging was that our remodel required VERY specific and intricate design details — the use of exotic materials, complicated transitions between varied materials, precise modern lines extending from the external facing to aluminum reveals in the atrium to window and door lines. (During the bidding process, one contractor walked away daunted.) Scott took on the job with confidence and executed to perfection. As a bonus, he made the process stress free which freed us to enjoy the experience of seeing our house transformed. We also appreciated that Scott was fully accessible (regular on-site meetings, email and phone) and was hands on — not just tied to a clipboard but with tools and work boots at hand. And, never did we feel that we were being nickled and dimed.

It was a real pleasure working with Scott, Dawn and crew. We are thrilled with the outcome. The most lasting takeaway however is knowing that there are truly honest people out there who love what they do.”
— Michael and Terri Yamamoto