Incredibly well taken care of by Scott Flegel and his crew

“It was our first remodel and we feel so lucky we found Scott Flegel and his crew! First of all, already during the bid process, and throughout the entire project, Scott was incredibly responsive. With a job so mobile and multiple sites to manage in parallel, we very

much admired how organized he was to be able to offer this level of real time response to all his clients.This incredible responsiveness, infinite patience (first time == lots of questions!) and Scott’s capacity to adapt to just about about any change in the project were a welcome constant throughout the remodel. We felt incredibly well taken care of, like Scott was remodeling his own house. That well.

Remodeling, in particular for the first time, can be pretty overwhelming from initial project scoping and budgeting, through individual choices for just about anything and additional unexpected factors. Scott’s was always available to help and advise. When we couldn’t make up our minds, he organized a tour houses he’d remodeled for us see various options installed. Invaluable when you’re making choices for a hundred items. Our beautiful slate tile floors are a result of one of such visits. Scott also upfront split the costs into fixed (labor) and variable (materials) so we could control the variable part while counting on high quality craftsmanship for the installation regardless of what we chose. For example, we went with IKEA kitchen cabinets and higher end fixtures, appliances, and lighting. We love the result and get complemented on our kitchen all the time.

When things changed on the project, as they always do, you could feel Scott’s experience with project management particularly well: he had the necessary calm, good view of the overall plan, and lots of ideas of how to shuffle things around to make it work again. At some point we saw a half wall in the bathroom as the crew was sealing a half wall we installed. It didn’t look right, it looked too massive in our tiny master bath. So we asked to shorten it, without realizing how advanced it was and that we were basically asking to redo it. Scott patiently explained what it would take to redo. When we gave the go ahead, he even picked up part of the cost. The bathroom turned up perfect! Scott really means it that he build to fit your needs. Or whims.

Scott’s crew deserves their own round of appreciation. Big Scott was our main guy and his resourcefulness and craft were outstanding. I believe he can fix everything and adapt just about anything to fit! He also dealt with deliveries, supervised suppliers and other workers, and was always a joy to talk to.

Overall, a successful first-time remodel, with the budget under control and delivered within a tight time frame. We initially asked to move in after a month, to which Scott tactfully replied that this might be a little “ambitious” considering we’re redoing the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, ceiling, insulation, windows, skylights, roof, and electricity. As I write this, I realize I miss those conversations, Scott, Dawn, and the entire crew were a welcome part of the family during the remodel. We can only hope Scott will be available when we’re ready for Stage II. And if he’s not, we’ll wait because once you worked with Scott, no-one else will do!
— Thank you, Agata and Nicolas